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How do Loyalty Points work?

All products in our online shop will be awarded a loyalty points value. So, every time you shop with us you'll earn loyalty points which can then be saved up and used against any further purchases from us, giving you a nice little discount each and every time you shop!

How much is each loyalty point worth?

Loyalty points are worth 5 cent each, and you get a loyalty point added to your account for every €1.00 spent on any order. So, for instance, if you were to spend €10.00 with us (excluding delivery charges) you would earn 10 loyalty points which works out as €0.50 saved in your account to use as a discount on future orders.

When are loyalty points added to my account?

Points will automatically be added to your account when your current order has been dispatched.

When are loyalty points deducted from my account?

Loyalty points will be deducted from your account as soon as you redeem them.

Is there a minimum amount of points I need before using them?

Yes, you must have saved at least 15 points before you can spend them. Once spent, you must save them up again until they reach at least 15.

When do my loyalty points expire?

Your points are safe and never expire. You can use them whenever you wish.

What other terms should I be aware of?

Below you'll find some quick bullet points describing our terms and conditions when using loyalty points. If you have any further questions please feel free to
contact us.