Date and Time
Usually, the only time that makes sense to host a children's birthday party is on the weekend. The best time is in the afternoon, that way you avoid the additional hassle of serving a meal and your culinary responsibilities are limited to cake and ice cream. Make sure you get your birthday party invitations out early so important guests like grandparents can attend.

To truly make your party theme work, you will need creative and not necessarily expensive decorations. Streamers and balloons are good because kids like them and indoor activities with balloons tend to be easy on your furniture. Depending on your theme, you can always pick up paper, cardboard posters and props at your local party supplies store.

Birthday Cake
A birthday cake is the centerpiece of your party. Almost everyone enjoys a cake. Make sure your theme is reflected on the cake and that the plates, cups and napkins all match.

Birthday Party Entertainment
Professional or amateur, entertainers can really make a kids party fun and exciting. Some party themes like a magic show can be based on an entertainer. For younger children, a clown or life-sized cartoon character is a good choice. Easier and less expensive options include having a family friend tell stories or perform puppet shows. A creative relative or neighbor can be a perfect entertainer, but make sure they have the energy and experience to work with a group of children.

Birthday Party Favors
Party favors are definitely a must for children's birthday parties. Kids go home happy and more importantly, it teaches your child the importance of saying thank you to his or her guests. To emphasise this, have your child hand out favors to their friends as they leave. Favors do not have to be expensive. Kids will usually be happy to have a gift bag filled with small toys or simple treats. Or, if you really want to impress, you can order party favors based on your party theme from.......

Children of all ages love birthday parties. As a parent, you probably already know that planning a birthday party that everyone will enjoy takes imagination to come up with clever party ideas. We have compiled a list of favorite party themes to help with your party planning.

Pirate Treasure Hunt
A treasure hunt party is very popular with most children. You can create your own treasure, which could be old jewelry, gold coin candy and toy presents that you hide all over the house or the backyard. Or you can create a treasure chest out of a cardboard box with a map where X marks the spot! Parents and kids can dress up like pirates with eye patches and you can create games like walking the plank.

Teddy Bear Party
Most children love teddy bears. A fun idea for a children's party is to ask all the guests to bring their favorite teddy bear. In case some guests forget, make sure you have a few extra bears on hand. Create a bear cave by using cardboard boxes, stacking pillows or moving furniture to the corner of a room. You can add blankets and toy party sets to make the bear cave homey. For a fun activity, you can have the children all create their own bear masks to wear at the party. You will need construction paper, glue sticks, tape and crayons. In keeping with the teddy bear theme, bear shaped cookies and a cake with a teddy bear decoration are perfect treats. Make sure you include gummy bears in the grab bag too!

Knights and Castle
Castles and medieval knights are a popular party theme for kids. You will need to create a play castle, which can be made with cardboard boxes, some old furniture, or an outdoor tree house or swing set. You can make shields and buy plastic toy swords for all your little knights. A favorite is the fake draw bridge that you can build with a board and two milk cartons, allowing the kids to get across the imaginary moat to the castle. One of the parents or an older sibling can pretend to be the dragon. You can play games where the losing team can be sent to a castle dungeon. The cake should have a castle or knight decoration.

Sports Theme
Choose a sports theme for kids who are interested in athletics. For decorations, you can cut out pictures of popular athletes or hang a few posters on the walls and ceilings. Use masking tape to make the family room floor into an athletic court. If you have a kids basketball hoop, a football, a  baseball set, soccer goal or paddle ball, you can have guests play games. Make sure you do not make the games competitive so guests do not leave feeling like they lost.

Time Capsule
A time capsule activity is perfect for a toddler's birthday party. Create a scrap book where guests can write a letter, include a picture or design a page for the child to open when they become an adult. When the toddlers become adults, the notes and letters will be very meaningful. You will need to have paper, pens, markers, scissors and tape for your guests. You may also want to inform the guests beforehand so they can bring pictures or other relevant items such as newspaper clippings, magazine articles or notes from friends who could not make it. Make sure you seal the time capsule shut and clearly put a label on it that tells people not to open it until the predetermined date.

Outdoor Pool Party
For an outdoor pool party find a children's play pool, maybe a slip 'n slide, and some water toys. Ideal foods are summer selections, grilled items with and salads. Best of all, there is no need to worry about making a mess. You can organize games but kids will usually have a blast with just a plain old water fight. Do not forget to make sure your guests do not run when there is water and slip.

Elmo Party
Elmo is the popular, red muppet from Sesame Street who is the talk of the town for children. If your child loves Elmo, or any other character such as Batman, Pokemon or Dora, you can create a character themed event. You may want to hire an Elmo entertainer - someone who dresses up and talks like Elmo. Elmo can lead the kids in singing songs and playing games. You can give away Elmo prizes and goodie bags as well. Remember to dress your child in red!

Scrapbooking Party
Mums who like scrapbooking will enjoy planning this party. An arts and crafts themed party will encourage your child's creativity. All you need are some crayons, glue sticks, colored construction paper, wood sticks, vellum paper, scissors, lots of space and some willing helpers. Children can make their own paintings or create toy models. Glitter, scrap cloth and other fabrics are fun additions.